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On The Spot (OTS) "AKA Photocard Day" photographed over 50,000 guests, event participants and golfers at 130 events in 2015. The team of dedicated and professional photographers and associates, along with Johnny Miller, printed 20,000 photocards On The Spot! OTS is focused on printing professional portraits instantly, that tell a story and commemorate special events at neat venues and cool locations! We've been working as event photographers since 2009 in the Northeast.

About the Founder and Owner: Johnny Miller

Johnny Miller is an American business entrepreneur and founder of PhotoCard Day. While whitewater kayaking in Central America and Africa, he came up with an idea to develop an event photography company that prints branded photocards on location for special events, golf outings and brand marketing promotions. While matriculated at Empire State College in the MBA program, Johnny made PhotoCard Day a reality, and made it the subject matter of his capstone project.

Johnny Miller lives in Saratoga Springs with wife and two kids. His entrepreneurial career began at a young age while growing up in Yonkers, NY, delivering newspapers, landscaping, and restoring classic wooden boats on Lake George during the summers. After graduating from Boston University, he ski bummed in Crested Butte, CO, which eventually led him to co-owning a kayaking and mountaineering outfitter in Saratoga Springs, at the age of 25.

In 2002, Johnny realized partners are for dancing and sold his share of the outfitter business. Continuing to forge his own path, Johnny published the first adventure guide book to Saratoga Springs, distributing 40,000 copies between 2003 and 2006. Johnny continued his career in the world of adventure as an event planner for the Great Hudson River Paddle, NYS Canal Splash, and GoZero Kayaking racing series on the Hudson River. When the economy crashed in 2009, all bets were off for making a living as an adventure kayaker, so he decided to pursue an MBA from Empire State College in order to implement his business plan. PhotoCard Day was started in 2009 and has continued to grow since. Last year, PhotoCard Day completed 120 brand marketing, golf outing, and private events for businesses around NY, NJ and MA, including a concession at the Saratoga Racecourse.


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